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Debt Funding

Debt Funding

Intellex Financedeals with various Corporates, SMEs, Mid-Corporate Clients and aims to provide Structured financing solutions to satisfy their Capital and Growth financing needs. We act as an Advisor & Arranger and raise Funds through various types of Debt Instruments. We assist our clients in strengthening their balance sheets by delivering Customized Capital Structure Alternatives designed for maximum profits. We understand that the efficiency of Businesses depend on an efficient and well-organized fund flow system.

Intellex Finance is one of the prominent companies in the Debt Structuring & Distribution in India with a strong bond with Banks both in Public & Private Sector, Financial Institutions & NBFCs, Mutual Funds and Insurance Companies in India. We build a strong lifetime relationship with our clients by providing them timely and customized solutions to fulfill their financial goals.

We help our clients structure innovative financing arrangements for a wide range of business needs. With strong hands-on experience with a wide range of banks, financial institutions and NBFCs, our Debt Syndication team has the right skills to help you arrange funding at highly competitive costs.

We offer industry specific fund based and non-fund based solutions that are structured as per size, nature, complexity and time-criticality of the requirement. Key areas of expertise include working capital finance, corporate loans, External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) and project finance. We assist our clients in both Fund-based and Non-Fund based credit limits.

Our strength lies in our strong familiarity with lending norms and our deep understanding of the operational challenges and vulnerabilities of different industries. We perform a detailed analysis of our clients’ business scenario and help them come up with optimized assessments of their short-term and long-term funding requirements. We also offer extended evaluation and advisory services for large projects to structure financing proposals and design debt syndication programs.

In short, we offer assistance within the areas of Project Finance, Capital Expenditure for Green- field/Brown-field Expansion, Acquisition Finance and Cross-Border projects funding. Our expertise includes raising Debt Financing both in Domestic and International markets, with cross-border experience.

We offer following services to clients in raising debt:

Project Finance: Project finance is that the long-term financing of commercial manufacturing or any other such projects based upon the projected cash flows of the project instead of the balance sheets of its sponsors.

Working Capital Finance: A working capital loan is a loan that’s taken to finance a company’s everyday operations. These finance to buy long-term assets or investments and are, instead, provide the finances that cover a company’s short-term operational needs.

Equipment Loans: Equipment financing is that the use of a loan or lease to get or borrow hard assets for your business. This sort of financing could be used to purchase or borrow any sort of equipment.

Structured Financing: It is a complex form of financing, used for a large-scale fund infusion. It is beyond the scope of conventional tools like a loan or a bond. Borrowers with higher needs seek structured funding in the form of Collateralized Debt-obligations, Syndicated loans, and Mortgage-Backed Securities.

Acquisition Funding: Acquisition financing is that the funding a corporation uses specifically to acquire another company. By acquiring another company, a company can increase the dimensions of its operations and enjoy the economies of scale achieved through the acquisition.

Promoter Funding: A facility provided to promoters of well-managed companies to boost funds against their stake therein operating company. These funds are often utilized for various needs like financing for Acquisitions and take-over financing and business growth. These funding are short to medium-term in nature.

Mezzanine Funding: In finance, mezzanine capital is any subordinated debt or preferred equity instrument that represents a claim on a company’s assets which is senior only thereto of the common stock. It is often structured either as debt or preferred shares or another form of quasi-equity.

Overseas Funding: Overseas funding refers to a fund that invests in companies outside the country of residence of the investor. These are often also called as international funds or foreign funds. Overseas funding is often through closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds or mutual funds.

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