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Equity Investment available for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector

Equity Investment available for Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector

Our Investors are interested in investing in established companies with focus on Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector. They would prefer the founders to be Indian.

Sectors of Choice:

  1. Chain of Hospitals (No standalone Hospital)
  2. Chain of Labs or Diagnostic Centres.
  3. Medical Equipment Manufacturers.
  4. Pharmaceutical Companies.
  5. Health-tech Companies.
  6. Healthcare related Companies.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Should be Established with Minimum 3 yrs of Vintage
  2. Top line revenue of above USD 15 Million upwards with EBITDA above 15%


  1. Should be for Growth/Expansion in Indian/Global Market.
  2. Investment requirements should be of upwards of USD 10 Millions to 50 Millions

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